Daily Lunch Specials
Monday- Slow Roasted Beef Sandwich Served with One Side Dish   $8.39
Soups of the Day- Tomato Basil and Italian Wedding
Tuesday-  Italian Sub Served with One Dish $8.49
Soups of the Day- Tomato Basil and Mushroom Brie
Wednesday-Steak Wrap Served with One Side Dish. $8.39
Soups of the Day - Tomato Basil and Jambalaya

Thursday- Buffalo Chicken Wrap Served with One Side Dish $8.29
Soups of the Day- Tomato Basil and Loaded Baked Potato

Friday- Bass Ale Battered Cod Sandwhich
Served with One Side Dish. $8.39
Soups of the Day - Tomato Basil and Red Pepper Crab Bisque
Saturday & Sunday - Chef’s Choice
About Bags

In a town of ten Joe Millers and just as many Duane Yoders, our Duane was destined to make a name for himself.

Amazingly, many of his friends and acquaintances don’t even know his real name and have never thought to ask. To them, he is Bags, and Bags he will always be.

Born in Millersburg to Amish parents, Duane Yoder was a small kid with big dreams. At some point in his young life, mean-spirited classmates gave him the nickname of Bags. Duane is still unsure of why he was given the name, but no matter - Those who use the name now are family and friends.

Bags began his working life at Gerstenslager’s in Wooster and has since earned a variety of interesting titles, including night baker, kitchen manager and auto body mechanic. For five years, he even worked as golf pro, and though he returned to the world of restaurant management, he’s always carried with him an intense love for the game.

Bags has long dreamed of opening his own place, and partnering up with his good friend Bill Baker gave him just such an opportunity. An appreciation of great beer and food, paired with the relaxing spirit of the game of golf, were just the right ingredients for Bags Sports Pub.

Our neighborhood bar celebrates the interesting life Bags and the hard work that has brought him back to Millersburg. Whether you’ve lived in town all your life or are just passing through, we’re all friends here, and we welcome you to make yourself comfortable and enjoy the good spirits.

We hope that someday those classmates who created the now infamous nickname will drop in for a beer. Bags would like to shake their hands and say thank you.